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Customers with Account Tracking have the option to view our module directly within their account pages in Salesforce. This walks you through how to configure the iFrame directly on the account page in Salesforce:

  • (1) In Salesforce, go to Setup -> Custom Code -> Visualforce Pages -> New
  • (2) Copy the codeblock from this document, replacing all of the placeholder code text
  • (3) Save and then check both checkboxes on the Visualforce Page
  •         ✅ “Require CSRF protection on GET requests”
  •         ✅ "Available for Lightning Experience, Experience Builder sites, and the mobile app”
  • (4) After saving, go back to Setup > Visualforce Pages where you can see the full list of Visualforce pages and click on "Security" next to the page you just created, and make sure all Profiles have access (the component is read only by nature).

Standard page layout:

  • Setup -> Object Manager -> Account -> Page Layouts -> there's a section "Visualforce Pages" - select "UserGems Account Tracking" and move it to the Layout (no need to "Show Scrollbars")

Lightning page layout: 

  • While viewing an Account -> Gear Icon -> Edit Page (if you have multiple layouts assigned, you should modify for each)
  • Drag and drop in a Visualforce component to where you would like on the page (If you use tabs, we recommend adding under a custom one). Populate the Visualforce component with the UserGems page that you created above.
  • Add a relevant label, select the "UserGems Account Tracking" Visualforce page, and set a height of at least 700 pixels