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Here, we will define the Key Persona(s) that are most interesting to your company. We can build one or multiple personas depending on your use case based on a combination of seniority & keywords that our algorithm converts into recognizing all relevant titles. Within each Persona, we can also optionally define multiple “patterns” if you seek different Seniority levels for different functions. 

Defining buyer persona allows UserGems to determine 'high priority' leads. Having this detail to more comprehensively identify persona matching job changes allows us to set up more customized sequencing and activity on these higher priority contacts.

These personas have several important purposes:

  1. When we recognize a job change and deliver a new lead/contact, we will indicate (via checkbox) if they match one of your key personas or not. This info can be used within page layouts, reporting, automations (routing or sequencing), dashboards, etc and helps you to prioritize the most relevant job changes for assignment and outreach. 
  2. For customers utilizing Account Tracking, we will fill whitespace on your Customer, Target and Open Opp accounts by adding missing contacts that match your persona(s). 
We can configure different personas for different account lists. For example, you may want to track higher seniority on your mid-market accounts but track a more broad range of seniority for your Enterprise accounts. 

Configurable Items:

  • Persona Name: Give your Persona a relevant label
  • Included Titles that Contain: We will search for titles containing the keywords entered here in combination with the associated Seniority selected
  • Seniority: This tells us what seniority is important to you for specific keywords/titles. You can use our prebuilt values in the drop-down or click “Enter Keywords” to enter your own.
  • Exclude Titles that Contain: To remove unwanted results, we can also add keywords to tell us certain titles that should be excluded from the search
  • Regions/Countries: Contacts located in countries/regions inputted here can be excluded OR included within the persona

Automatically check to make sure you’re capturing all of your buyers by logging into your UserGems Dashboard -> Settings -> Persona.