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Thank you for your interest in UserGems! This overview outlines how UserGems integrates with HubSpot to automate job change capture & sales engagement handoff. You will find that implementing UserGems is a very light lift compared to most tools you connect with your CRM.

Since you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, as well as a technical RevOps resource for the duration of your contract, you can expect a smooth & 100% collaborative onboarding experience where we align/help with:

  • Custom configuration and mappings to HubSpot
  • List creation for the contacts and companies we want to track for you
  • Strategy around handoff and sequencing 
  • Testing / QA
  • Full team training or train-the-trainer
  • Go-live!

Check out an example Onboarding Success Plan that we would follow to ensure your success. 

Context: How do we connect UserGems to your HubSpot? 

While a native integration with HubSpot is on our imminent roadmap, we currently configure this integration for you via a 3rd party tool called Workato. This integration allows us to:

  • Read into your HubSpot data so that we know who to track for job changes, which accounts are important to you, and which records should be updated
  • Flag old contacts as ‘no longer at company’ and trigger notifications or churn prevention playbooks. You can also very easily automate deregistering them as Marketing Contacts.
  • Insert new, enriched contacts/companies into your CRM with accurate contact and job change info
  • Trigger custom workflows/sequences to ensure that all prospects are actioned

Rest assured, UserGems will set up your Workato instance for you and cover the cost of that system completely. Our RevOps team will also pre-build any needed Workato “recipes” prior to our first onboarding call, so that we can start customizing for your use case.

Workato is a low-code/no-code, cloud-based iPaaS Solution, that is hosted on public cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It means that everything we create together is a drag-and-drop application component.

Step 1 - Complete items prior to first onboarding

Est. 30 min - you can find more information in your Onboarding Success Plan

Create UserGems-specific properties for data capture

Create Contact lists that will tell us:

  • Which groups or segments of Contacts we are tracking for job changes
  • Which companies are most important to you (Target Companies and/or Customers)

For UserGems to track your key contacts for job changes, we need to know who to track. To do this, we set up different cohorts of users/contacts that you wish to track via dynamic lists in HubSpot.

When someone on one of those tracking lists changes jobs, UserGems creates a new job change Contact and includes on that new record the name of the source list and a link back to the Contact we were tracking (a record for their old job). 

Differentiating these lists can be extremely helpful in prioritizing the importance of both job departures as well as where they land - using them to decide which sequence/cadence they should enter for sales engagement:

HubSpot Dynamic Lists (preferred) - connecting HubSpot lists is ideal for a few reasons:

  • We can read into your lists for a real-time view of who we should be tracking and what your target/customer companies are.
  • You control the filtering around who/what is listed in these lists

CSV Upload

  • If you have users/contacts you want to track, and they only exist in a database external to HubSpot (i.e. Users in your application, product user database, or data warehouse), we can also read into CSV files and still return new contacts into your HubSpot for these individuals at their new companies. 

Other Systems?

  • If you have contact or user data stored in a system external to HubSpot, we can likely connect to its API via a simple integration via Workato (integration costs covered by UserGems) to ingest the lists. Please inquire!

Step 2 - Sign Up and Connect HubSpot to UserGems 

Est. 3 min

Prior to your first onboarding call (or on the call if you prefer), the UserGems team will create a Workato account for your company and invite you as a collaborator. All you would need to do is accept the invite and connect/authorize your HubSpot account:

Once logged into Workato, click your initial in the upper right, and change the team to your company (where it shows UserGems in the below screenshot)

  • Upon joining Workato, you are assigned a Team under your own name, as well as the Team for your company. Just be sure that you switch to your Company’s Team:

Now, click “Connections” under the Assets section -> “Create connection”

  • Select the HubSpot application
  • (Note: if you see a connection already for the Rest connection, this is just the connection to our application and can be ignored)

Name your connection (ex. “[company name] - HubSpot Connection”)

  • For the “Location” dropdown, feel free to create a new Project with any naming convention to save as the location. 

Lastly, log into HubSpot with your credentials to complete the connection! 

Step 3 - Let’s work together! 

After the initial kickoff call, we will have you complete a short questionnaire on your specific requirements/strategy. Then, the UserGems team will build out the integration and customizations before we meet for the technical configuration call. We will then:

  • Finalize any remaining property mappings/custom automation logic
  • Discuss strategy on handoff and sequencing
  • Conduct a ‘soft launch’ (we can send 5-10 records) to ensure everything is connected and updating properly - can tweak configuration/automations if needed.
  • Schedule additional onboarding call(s) as needed

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