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Signal: Contact Tracking

UserGems uses several indicators for the duplicate check before creating net new records for job changers at their new company. Email is one of them, but we also check other variations like name+company name and name+domain (the domain is compared with the domain of the email address).

If we have these information: 

  • First name: Stephan 
  • Last name: Kletzl 
  • Email: stephan@usergems.com 
  • Company Name: Usergems 
  • Company Domain: usergems.com

We'd check the following combinations: 

  1. stephan@usergems.com 
  2. Stephan Kletzl w/ usergems.com email domain 
  3. Stephan Kletzl w/ UserGems company name (fuzzy matching)

It's important to note that we always check both, Lead and Contact, for existing records even if the customer asks us to create a Lead.

In addition to our own check, we also use the duplicate check they have in their system to ensure that we don't introduce duplicates. Record creation would be blocked if conflicting with customer’s Salesforce duplicate rules.