Who can do this?
Signal: Contact Tracking
Signal: New Hires & Promotions

What are you using data for?

  • Our goal is to provide you with the best real-time sales recommendations on 1) which companies to target, 2) which prospects to reach out to, 3) when & how to target them & what to write.
  • Each company has different needs. While it is possible to create generic recommendations and messages, best results can only be achieved by personalizing the results based on your prospects, Closed Won Opp Contacts, Accounts and Customer Accounts.
  • That way, UserGems can generate custom models and custom insights that are always relevant and up-to-date.

What data from our CRM are you using?

From Salesforce, we use:

  • Contact information
  • Opportunity Contacts
  • Account information

How do you ensure that the “Model Data” does not identify Customer or Customer Data?

  • “Model Data” (the data representing the stored models), does not contain any sensitive data or any information about specific prospects or accounts.
  • Our models are trained on training data that is stripped of any sensitive or personal information. Any person names, email addresses or job-titles, as well as any company names, domains, descriptions, etc. are removed from our datasets. Instead, we use anonymized, classified data, such as job-title- or company categories.

What features can I not use if I do not agree to using my data to train Machine Learning ?

Here are some examples of features you cannot use:

  • Persona creation and improvement suggestions: Our machine learning model can automatically create the best Persona for your company, based on current Open Opp Contacts (= the prospects that showed interest). If you already have a persona, our machine learning model can suggest improvements.
  • ICP creation and improvement suggestions: Our machine learning model can automatically create the best ICP for your company, based on your Customer Accounts. If you already have an ICP, then our machine learning model can suggest improvements.
  • Ranking prospects based on conversion rate of similar Opportunity Contacts: Usually we find thousands of possible prospects for our customers. In order to decide which prospects to focus on, we create a company specific AI model, that ranks prospects based on the “likelihood to convert” (by comparing prospects with the Opportunity Contacts). If we cannot train our model with your specific data, we will not be able to rank prospects.
  • Email message: For each signal & prospect, we do suggest personalized text snippets. Based on how these snippets are used and how successful they are, your machine learning model will suggest different wording.
  • Signal suggestions: Based on the Contact and Opportunity data in your Salesforce, we can suggest which Signal will bring the most value. 

Please note, that we are continuously adding new Machine Learning features, so if your legal team rejects our usage of company data to train our model, it means that you will not have access to any existing or new machine learning developments. 

It is recommended that the legal team consults with the economic buyer before pro-actively removing Model Data from the Terms of Services, since it will significantly reduce the functionality UserGems is able to offer.