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Signal: Contact Tracking


UserGems has recommended playbooks and associated automations for helping your team take full advantage of champions on the move. As your team reviews these and sets up for your use case, here a specific best practices and recommendations:

Past Company

  • This text in the playbooks refers to 'UG - Past Company' which UserGems generates for every job changer
  • This enables personalization at scale and is a key differentiator as it shows the prospect that you know about your prior relationship
  • We recommend ensuring this is used in many steps in the sequences as well as dynamically generated from variable field mapping
  • Customer story from Mimecast on impact of following our playbooks
  • Please note the highly relational nature of the messaging related to incorporating this dynamic value!


  • Especially for recent job changes, we recommend many days between the early steps in sequence to align with a new hire experience (e.g., 1st email on day 1 and 2nd email on day 15)
  • This spacing is especially important for relational outbound messaging to a recent job changer and intentionally differs from more typical outbounding that feature urgent trigger events warranting shorter spacing (page view, white paper download, demo request, etc…)


  • Related to the new job change, UserGems stresses longer sequences (~50 days) that aligns with an onboarding experience and increases the surface area of opportunity for it to be the right time for the prospect
  • UserGems recommends 10-12 steps in sequence to accompany to the overall duration
  • Our data shows 60% of responses come from actions 4-12 in a sequence, and industry data suggests the tail is increasing in required volume of steps


  • We recommend automating UserGems into sequences, even if the first step is manual, which reduces rep task time and speed to lead action (i.e., let them opt contacts out, rather than require them to opt-in)
  • Customer story from SeekOut includes a comment on their SMB automation strategy and more high touch approach with MM & ENT

Bottleneck Considerations

  • Our recommendations involve multi-channel communication (email, phone, LI)
  • After you've launched the playbooks, we encourage reviewing performance for full completions and reviewing if any manual steps or particular actions are blockers for completion

Objection Preparation

  • UserGems has resources (watch out for our webinars) on prepping the team for most common objections with UserGems ("too soon," "not the right person," etc…) which should be anticipated and planned for how to adjust and approach