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Signal: Contact Tracking

Salesforce Contact Layout Suggested Fields

For customers using Salesforce Lightning, we recommend adding dynamic lightning components instead.

Fields that are typically included on the layout:

  • UG - Past Contact (this is the lookup to the past contact record)
  • UG - Past Title
  • UG - Past Account Type
  • UG - Job Started Date
  • UG - Past Contact Relationship
  • UG - Is Persona Matching
  • UG - Is Target Company
  • UG - No Longer at Company 

Aside from the recommended fields above, feel free to add any others that would be valuable for your users - you can also create your own formula fields to pull in selective data from the lookup records (i.e. “UG - Past Contact” or “UG - Past Account” or "UG - Infos" to access all of our job change data).

^ You can add this section where it makes the most sense on your Page Layout; fields will only be valued when there is a related job change.