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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Accounts Provided

What is it?

The accounts provided grade is intended to check if your company has provided UserGems with known key accounts in your CRM so UserGems can help your team prioritize the right action depending on type of account a job change lands at.

  1. Target/ICP Accounts (new business)
  2. Open Opp Accounts (deal acceleration)
  3. Customer Accounts (churn prevention + expansion)

Why it's important

Importance level: Critical 🚨

These three account types require very different action. It's for that reason UserGems marks directly on the job change the type of account a job changer lands at. For example, if someone joins a target account thats likely a person you want to add to sequence ASAP to start a new business motion. Whereas if they land at an account that already has an open opp, you may just want to notify the AE of another champion they can multi-thread instead of adding to a sequence. UserGems also uses these field values to trigger the right automations like automatically adding someone to a sequence or sending a notification.

How it's scored

How to improve it

Simply make sure you've provided these three groups of accounts and that they've been uploaded in UserGems. You can upload these reports as a Salesforce report (preferred so we can read dynamically) or a CSV file. Data needed in reports when uploading: Account Name, Account ID, Account Website/Domain. Make sure the report is saved in a public folder before uploading. Your CSM can also assist you with uploading if preferred.