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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Closed Won Opp Contacts Tracked

What is it?

The closed won opp contacts tracked grade is based on the percent of closed won opp contacts in your CRM that are being tracked for a job change.

Why it's important

Importance Level: Critical 🚨

Closed won opp contacts are easily the most high-value and trustworthy segment of contacts to monitor for a job change as these contacts were involved in buying your product/solution previously. For that reason, it’s important to ensure we’re tracking not just some, but ideally all of them, and that they are categorized appropriately.

How it’s scored

How to improve it

Make sure you’re tracking a relationship type for Closed Won Opp Contacts. In UserGems, go to the tracking section and check if you have a relationship uploaded for "Closed Won Opp Contact". If you do, but this grade is still low, check if you have extensive filters applied to the report that is uploaded. If you don't, then select "import” and either upload a Salesforce report, or automatically import.

Salesforce report: Data needed: First name, last name, company, email --> Important: Make sure not to apply unnecessary filters. All previous buyers should be relevant job changers. If you choose to upload your own report the recommended filters are:

  • Report type = opportunities w/ contact roles
  • Show me = all opportunities
  • Closed date = all time
  • Include = Closed Won

Automatic  import: This will query your Salesforce for all closed won opp contacts (opp contact roles on opps with closed won =true, and probability = 100%)