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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: ICP Definition

What it means

When getting started with UserGems, we ask all customers to create an "ICP" or Ideal Customer Profile definition in our system. This ICP definition is to flag when job changers join accounts of interest to your company that might not be in your CRM yet or may not be appropriately marked as a Target/TAM account. To set your ICP, simply head to the ICP section of the UserGems dashboard.

Additionally, we have the ability to compare your ICP definition to your customer accounts in order to assess how well the definition covers the types of accounts you actually do business with.

Why it's important

Importance level: Critical 🚨

It's critically important your ICP definition is accurate and covers the majority (>50%) of your customer accounts, because if it's too strict, your team could be missing prioritizing high-value job changes to interesting accounts. Additionally, many UserGems automations check to see if a job changer lands at an ICP match account as one of the trigger criteria to do things like A. Enroll in a sequence, or B. Send a notification.

How it's scored

How to improve it

Simply select "view suggestions" at the top of the ICP settings page, or scroll to an individual component of the ICP which will have it's own suggestions. You can manually update any component, hit apply suggestions for any component, or simply apply all of UserGems suggestions in order to increase the coverage.