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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: New Title Relevance

What is it?

The new title relevance grade is based the percent of job change leads sent have titles that match your persona definition in UserGems.

What it's important

Importance: Medium 🟡

This is an important indication of if A. The people UserGems is tracking for job changes have the right titles & B. Your persona definition in UserGems offers good coverage of your actually buyer titles. If UserGems is tracking the right people, a large portion of job changers should have similar persona matching titles in new roles. If not, it means one or both A & B need further investigation and improvement.

How it's scored

How to improve it

  1. Since this grade is based on what percent of new contacts match your persona, first & foremost, make sure your persona definition & coverage is adequate. For more on this, see persona definition quality grade.
  2. If your persona definition quality grade is already in a good place (B+ or higher) it could be that we're tracking too many non-buyer titles. To be clear, non-buyers can still be very valuable for introductions, so this score should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, we recommend investigating any tracking lists that are not opportunity contacts (typically users or prospects) to see if there are any titles in those reports that are not relevant for your team. Your CSM can help you with this upon request.