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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Persona Definition

What it means

When getting started with UserGems, we ask all customers to create a "persona" in our system. A UserGems persona is a few patterns based on the seniorities and title keywords your team typically sells to/works with. For the champion job change signal, we use the persona to flag on the new record if the person's new title also matches your persona so you can prioritize outreach and message accordingly. For the new executives signal, we use this as a way to capture these missing executives in your CRM as soon as they start a new job. To set your persona, simply head to the personas section of the UserGems dashboard.

Additionally, we have the ability to compare the titles your persona patterns covers, with the titles in your closed won opportunity contacts report, to calculate what percentage of your actual buyer titles are covered by your persona definition.

Why it's important

Importance level: Medium 🟡

It's important your persona definition is accurate and covers the majority (>50%) of titles associated with closed won opps of these titles, because if it's too strict, you could be missing flagging key job changes and/or new execs that are indeed very relevant for your team to know about. You can see your persona coverage percent by scrolling to the bottom of the persona settings page.

How it's scored

How to improve it

  1. Simply select "show suggestions" at the bottom of the persona settings page. This will expand a list of titles in your closed won opp contacts report. Those highlighted green are already covered by the persona pattern. Those that are grey are currently missing from the coverage. In order to expand your persona coverage simply add more key words based on the titles missing in grey. In the example below, this customer may want to consider adding "Finance Manager" as a keyword/seniority since it occurs 35 times on their closed won opps report but isn't currently covered.