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Signal: Contact Tracking

Routing & Assignment

What is it?

The routing & assignment grade is a simple check of if leads/contacts are being distributed to your team members. We check this by seeing what the highest percent of UserGems owned by one user is.

Why it's important

Importance level: High 🟠

If more than 50% of UserGems are owned by one user, it’s likely a sign that a lot of UserGems are getting stuck in a holding pattern and therefore are unlikely to be efficiently contacted which could be impacting program performance.

How it’s scored

How to improve

It’s possible that this is a non-issue depending how you work leads/contacts, but we highly recommend visiting the UserGems dashboard activity section to see where this is stemming from. This page will show you all the UserGems assigned to each user, each month, and total. The left side of the "/" is the number that have been assisgned to this user. The right side is the number that have been contacted.

If you find there are holding users with high volumes of job changes assigned and little or no contact you can:

  1. Check with your Ops team why so many are in a holding user
  2. Manually re-assign them
  3. Push them through your routing flow (if applicable)
  4. Round robin them in Salesforce
  5. Round robin them in UserGems (ask your CSM for help)