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In this article we'll show why adding Target, Customer & Open Opp Accounts are important to the success of UserGems.

Define Important Accounts

Target, Open Opp, and Customer Account reports are used to reference if the Gem is joining a known, particularly important account. 

An example of the benefit of this is seen in the chart below where we see where enablement might need to occur based on the activity on Target Accounts.

By knowing where Gems go, we can recommend enablement for outbound, churn prevention & expansion. 

This application extends to Open Opportunity accounts (sales acceleration, multi-threading) and target accounts as well

To add Target Accounts and define your ICP, navigate to Track from within your UserGems dashboard:

Navigate to Accounts and then Import a report of your Target Accounts. The report will require Account ID, Company name and Company website URL.

For more information on configuring an Account report, check out this article here.

Outside of tracking known ICP accounts in a report, you can also create an ICP definition to flag unknown accounts of interest, this is helpful, for example, if a Gem joins an account that isn't already in your CRM.

Define your company ICP

Navigate to Settings within your UserGems dashboard

Click on Ideal Customer Profile and enter employee count, region and industry for us to identify what Gems move to interesting accounts in order to prioritize these contacts.

If you have any questions or would like some advisement on set up, please contact your Customer Success Manager.