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Signal: Contact Tracking
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UserGems offers the functionality to send just-in-time (JIT) notifications via Slack to the contact owners. These notifications can be set up in our workflows, e.g. if you send new job changers to SFDC, you may also want to get these as a Slack message to each directly responsible individual (DRI). 

To install our Slack application follow the steps outlined in this document. 

* The user that is connecting to Slack must be a Slack workspace admin. If you are not a workspace admin, simply add your Slack admin as a UserGems Admin by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager & send them this help article with steps to connect.

  1. Go to “Contact Tracking” and select “Settings” in the left navigation bar
  2. Then select “Notifications” and “Connect to Slack”

This will open up the following page on Slack. Our app is not approved by Slack as this is only needed for applications that are listed on the app marketplace. We do not plan to list our app anytime soon, so we did not run through this process yet.

The following permissions are needed:

Content and info about channels & conversations:

  • Request Reason: We use this to list the available channels (conversations.list permission). We offer users a dropdown to select a channel where slack messages should be sent.

Content and info about your workspace:

  • Request Reason: We need this permission, because we match salesforce users to slack users based on their emails. Whenever we detect a job change, we try to get the salesforce owner and he will receive a slack notification if we can match them by email.

Perform actions in channels & conversations:

  • Request Reason: We need this permission so we can write to any channel a user defines in our app. By default we list all public channels which are not archived.

Once you click “Allow” UserGems will get all the permissions needed to send notifications to your workspace and the following screen should appear. You can select the default channel which should receive all the notifications. 

If you want to set up individual notifications per DRI you have to configure your DRI settings in “Ownership (DRIs)”.