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Once you have established who to track and have ensured they are assigned appropriately and you’ve provided inputs to enable right engagement, the next criteria for success with UserGems is monitoring enablement and usage to drive data-driven insights for what's working, where improvement can be provided, and how to take next steps.


UserGems provides analytics and dashboards to which your CSM can grant access and walk you through. These will provide insights into what percent of leads are actioned, count of leads by past relationship, what new account types these leads join, and many other impactful datasets but the following three reflect most strongly reflect adoption and portend success with the job change play:

Outreach Rate

  • An outreach rate of 30% is the low benchmark
  • Advanced views on the outreach rate can consider outreach rate by specific segments: last 6 months, month-by-month, by past relationship, by team, etc... This is useful for a more granular review as you will expect a higher outreach rate to leads joining ICP accounts among other instances

Median Activities

  • While the job change play is warm outbound, it is still outbound
  • In alignment with our recommended playbooks, 8-10 is the benchmark for the median count of activities when a lead is actioned

Time to First Activity

  • From time of creation to point of first action, this metric captures what the average speed to lead activity is
  • This is important because it reflects there is a good process in place for intentionally actioning leads but also because 70% of a job changer's budget is spent in the first 100 days and you are 74% more likely to win if you reach them first
  • The benchmark for this metric is less than 7 days


When any of the benchmarks listed above are not met, it is usually an indicator that one of the four preceding foundational items (tracking, assignment, inputs, enablement) can use some optimization.

Your CSM will help monitor your analytics and make data-driven insights to help drive usage and success. These insights may be revisiting the aforementioned insights or it may look like considering some of our best practices detailed next.

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Analytics & Usage

Best Practices