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Whether any help is needed from UserGems to accomplish any of the prior foundations or you are looking to ensure every ounce of potential from UserGems and job change intelligence is leveraged, this final portion of UserGems best practices captures opportunities for driving success for your organization.

Advanced Functionalities

While many customers have functionality within their tech stack to handle routing, to add prospects to playbooks, and to send notifications, UserGems has developed functionality whereby we can accomplish this for you.


Don't have a part of your tech stack to handle routing? Or, just having a hard time amidst competing initiatives to route as needed for the UserGems use case? In either case, we have you covered.

How about needing help with adding UserGems to cadence or sequence? We have integrations with Salesloft and Outreach and can push leads into the right fit-for-message playbook for the right rep.

You can work with your UserGems CSM to set-up the appropriate filters for assigning UserGems leads and adding to your messaging platform in the right playbooks.


Need help alerting your team to the job changes coming their way? How about notifying the rep of the account the job changer left?

We can set-up standardized weekly emails, custom email notifications by use case, and Slack notifications. Learn more in the resource linked here and reach out to your CSM for help.

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Resources: Notifications

Full Job Change Use Case Adoption

Most customers discuss multiple use cases and benefits of UserGems when evaluating UserGems but tend to focus initially on nailing the pipeline generation piece for its clear benefits.

Once this is established and adoption criteria are in place, we recommend setting-up the other three use cases that have high impacts: churn prevention, customer expansion, and sales acceleration. 

Resources: Customer Success Use Case, Sales Acceleration

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