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Signal: Contact Tracking

Intelligence Inputs Provided

Different past relationships and different current circumstances mean that fit-for-purpose messaging (we provide!) is needed to provide personalization at scale.

In order to execute these recommendations and benefit at scale, a few inputs are needed:

  • Persona / buyer titles
  • Account types: TAM / ICP, Customer, Open Opp Accounts

Resources: How to Configure your Persona


UserGems is typically unique in your tech stack where it is warm outbound. This means it is not a demo request or a white paper download because no action was taken by the contact, but their past familiarity and experience with you warrants elevated attention when the lead is created.

Will not fully comprehensive, these are some of the questions we encourage establishing answers for:

  • Should UserGems MQL, MAL, SAL, etc….?
  • How many days are allowed before a first contact?
  • What total amount of touches are expected on UserGems leads?

We recommend discussing this strategy with your CSM for the best strategy for your team, but encourage setting and communicating clear expectations for users as this is one of the most impactful criteria for success.

PS - we recommend automation of job changes into the appropriate playbook (sequence / cadence) so the manual work is removed from a rep and all that is needed is for them to approve and send! 

Resources: Messaging Best Practices, Automation Best Practices, UserGems Playbooks

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