Who can do this?
Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Contacts Provided

What is it?

The contacts provided grade is intended to check if your company is tracking the most valuable segments of contacts for job changes.

  1. Closed Won Opp Contacts (highest importance)
  2. Open Opp Contacts (second highest importance)
  3. Closed Lost Opp Contacts (third highest importance)

Why it's important

Importance level: High 🟠

These three segments are all known high-converting cohorts to monitor for a job change as they've either directly purchased or evaluated your solution previously. Therefore, they have known strong familiarity with your brand which will make for much warmer conversations.

Champions & users are also highly important groups but we realize not every customer has these to track, therefore they are left out of the scoring. If you do have them, make sure they're being tracked.

How it's scored

How to improve it

  1. Make sure your existing tracking lists are properly categorized. Especially for legacy customers, it’s possible you may have wrongly categorized relationships. The default group is "User" so it's possible you may be tracking some of these groups, but have them incorrectly labeled as "User". To check this, head to the tracking section of the UserGems dashboard. If everything is categorized as user, we highly recommend working with your CSM to re-upload tracking lists appropriately.
  2. Make sure to track closed won, open opp, and closed lost opp contacts. If you’re not tracking these key groups right now, you may want to discuss with your CSM how adding these groups could impact your license. When you are ready, here’s how to upload.