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Signal: Contact Tracking

UserGems x Salesloft Configuration

Purpose: Configuring Salesloft or UserGems has two important benefits:

  1. It allows UserGems to push templated cadences directly to your Salesloft so you don’t need to build messaging from scratch
  2. It allows, if preferred, for UserGems to automatically add job change records directly to the right cadence


1. Connect Admin Salesloft User

this gives UserGems the API access needed to create cadences and add records to cadences

2. Map “UG - Past Company” field to Salesforce

->  pull in the contact’s past company to Salesloft automatically 

  • Click settings → click “field configuration” → click “+ create custom field”. 
  • Map the following for contacts, leads, or both (depending on what you’re using) 
  • Salesloft field name: UG - Past Company
  • Field type: Text
  • Check the “Map to CRM” contact/lead check-box
  • CRM Contact/Lead Field Name, search and select “UG - Past Company”
  • Direction = Salesloft ← CRM (screenshot below) 

3. Ensure Salesforce & Salesloft Sync is Configured

this ensures UserGems contacts/leads will  be synced to Salesloft

Click the drop down with your name in the top right -> click “settings” → click “CRM sync” → on the “settings” page make sure the “Linking People” section is set to pull in leads/contacts

Click the “Sync Management” tab at the top of the page → make sure data is enabled to sync bi-directionally between Salesloft and Salesforce.

Make sure there is an automation to add UserGems contacts in Salesforce to Salesloft. Salesloft doesn’t sync all contacts by default. Select “settings” → select “automation rules” → select “create new rules”

  • Name = “Create UserGems Person”
  • Trigger Category = CRM Data Sync
  • Trigger = "When a contact is not found in Salesloft"
  • Criteria = UG - Past Company = is not null
  • Action = Create Person
If adding UserGems leads in addition to contacts, repeat the steps above to create a separate automation rule with the Trigger = "When a lead is not found in Salesloft" - this should be ordered AFTER the "create person" from Contact automation

Some additional notes on these automations:

  • Since automations run in order from top down, we recommend positioning these "Create person" automations at the top of your automation list - this ensures that unintended automations don't override them.
  • The View Logs in Automation Rules can also be used to identify why automation rules failed to run.

4. Add the custom variable “UG - Past Company” to your UserGems cadences

→ this way reps don’t need to manually find the past company and type it in

  1. Search your UserGems cadences → for each email step, click in and see if there are any prompts [[! replace with customer variable past company]] →delete → click the add “{}” variables  button → search and select “UG - Past Company” → repeat for all email steps in UserGems cadences


  • Picklist configuration:
      • Field Configuration -> Person Stage -> editsome text
        • If the picklist values are different than the ones coming from Salesforce, it could prevent a record from getting created
  • If you need to debug:
    • CRM Sync -> Sync Management -> View Logs. Check Status: Failed
    • Automation Rules has a “View Rule Logs”. Check Status: Failed
    • The individual Automation Rule has a “View Logs” (need to edit the rule)