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Signal: Contact Tracking

The Salesloft Rhythm Integration from UserGems brings job change signals into Salesloft Rhythm where you can perform the right actions for your workflow.

This integration connects your Salesloft and UserGems accounts, allowing Salesloft to receive job change signals from UserGems (e.g., when a champion joins one of your target accounts). When UserGems surfaces these job change signals, it automatically creates tasks, such as “send a congratulations email” directly in Salesloft Rhythm.

Once you set up the integration, your team will have access to all the UserGems data they need within Salesloft to make the best decisions for their workflows.

Step 1: Enable UserGems for Salesloft

Note: You must have Salesloft and UserGems Admin permissions for this step

To connect Salesloft with your UserGems account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your UserGems account
  2. Navigate to your Settings -> Engagement
  3. Click "Connect to Salesloft"
  1. Finish up the authentication flow
  2. The settings page will display ‘connected to Salesloft’ once verified
  3. Connection complete!

Step 2: Setting up the automation for Salesloft signals to Rhythm

To receive job change signals from UserGems, you need to set up a Workflow that will send the relevant job changes to Salesloft.

To set up a Workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Within UserGems, go to “Workflows” on the left side of the screen
  2. Add a new workflow
  3. Send job change as Rhythm signal
  4. Automation set-up complete!

Define which groups of UserGems you’d like to add to display in Rhythm:

  • The details of your contacts’ job movements will determine how this contact is filtered through UserGems, taking into account the account type, # of open opportunities, ICP matching, and so on. 
  • Select which predefined filter you’d like to add (for example, past closed won opportunity contact joining an account with an open opportunity)

Step 3: How to find Rhythm tasks from UserGems

Now your team is ready to action job change signals directly within Salesloft! Reps can navigate to the Rhythm tab from the Salesloft homepage and see their individual tasks prioritized and ready to action. 

Your team can immediately follow up with their UserGems leads based on the pre-defined cadences you’ve built, taking action on their best prospects quickly and effectively.