Who can do this?
Signal: Contact Tracking

There are many different reasons why a job changes might be missed - here are a few of these reasons (in total, there are probably 50+):

  • The profile is private
  • The job is hidden on the external profile
  • The profile doesn't meet our quality criteria (too few connections, jobs are missing information, ...)
  • The profile does look outdated (long periods of time without update, only old jobs, non of the newer fields are filled out, ...)
  • The person has 2 profiles
  • There are 2 people with the same name and our algorithm cannot determine which one is the right one
  • The new job is self-employed
  • The new job started a long time before the old job ended
  • The old job started too late (before 2016)
  • The new job started too late (before 2018)
  • The new job title is an advisor role (or board member, or part time, ...)
  • There is not enough information about the new job to determine if it's high quality
  • The profile was updated after we checked (which means, we'd show the job change next month)
  • The name differs slightly from the provided name
  • We are not able to confirm the provided company name with the linkedin profile (because there is a typo, because it's a subsidiary name that we didnt know about, there was an acquisition, ...)
  • The job change is filtered out by your ICP definition
  • The job change is filtered out by your persona definition
  • ...

It is also important to note that our system will always rather provide a false negative (= we do not send a job change that happened) than sending a false positive (= we send a job change that didn't happen). So if our system is in doubt, it does not provide the job change - and this was exactly the case for the profile you inquired about. In this case, did find the right profile and we did identify that she had a job change - however, our system was not able to determine if it's what we call a "high quality job change". A "high quality job change" is a job change that fulfills all our quality criteria and we therefore pass it on to your sales team by creating a job change. What prevented this job change from being sent is that our system was not able to verify that her newest company ("T-Mobile USA") is a real company, since it was not linked to the LinkedIn company page. In such a case, we then try to verified was other methods, but in this case our system wasn't able to and it therefore opted for not sending the job change.

Please let us know if you want us to dig deeper and provide the individual reason.