Who can do this?
Signal: Contact Tracking

With UserGems job change tracking, you should define who is directly responsible for each job change scenario. The DRI settings are able to control who receives notifications for specific job changes and/or who's Salesforce Dashboard certain job changers will show for. To configure these, simply click the link above or navigate to the UserGems web app:  

  • Contact Tracking -> Settings -> Notifications -> scroll down to "Directly Responsible Individuals"
Example DRI setup
If your team only works with contacts, you can simply disregard the Lead column

Example DRI Scenario Considerations:

  • Joins/Leaves Customer Account might make sense for a CSM owner to be notified so they can multi-thread or look for new stakeholders to avoid churn if a champion leaves
  • Joins/Leaves a Target Account might make sense for an SDR/BDR/ADR to be notified so they can start a repeat buyer sequence or look for new stakeholders
  • Joins/Leaves Open Opp account might make sense for the AE or Account Owner to be notified so they can multi-thread to accelerate the existing Opp or look for new stakeholders to avoid the deal stalling out if a champion leaves during the evaluation

How DRIs work with Salesforce Dashboards:

  • The Individual Contributor and Manager Dashboards within Salesforce will show records assigned to the applicable user listed as the DRI for that specific job change event. Note that the Manager Dashboard is driven off of the "Manager" User Lookup field of the Salesforce Users who own UserGems job change Leads or Contacts.

How DRIs work with UserGems Built-in Notifications:

  • DRI settings determine who will be included on a user's Weekly Digest Emails as well as for custom individual job change notifications that you might want to configure

How often do DRIs update and where can I find the fields?

  • There are two User lookup fields on the UserGems object Current Record DRI and Current Record DRI Manager.
  • These DRI fields are updated by UserGems 30min after a new UserGems Lead or Contact are created, as well as nightly thereafter.