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Available UserGems Dashboards

Example screenshots at bottom of page

UserGems - Summary

High level overview of the program in general (opp attribution, outreach rates, etc)

UserGems - Manager Dashboard

View for sales leaders to view metrics for their team members

UserGems - IC Dashboard

View for end users to see their specific UserGems records, activity, and more

Prerequisite Considerations

(1) Persona(s) defined in the UserGems web app 

Used to define “high prio” job changers at their new company 

Please reach out to your CSM for help if these have not yet been configured. 

(2) Key account reports uploaded in the UserGems web app

Target, customer, and open opportunity account reports will be used to track what types of accounts your job changers are landing at

If you still need to upload any reports, please reach out to your CSM!

(3) DRIs defined in the UserGems web app (Directly Responsible Individuals)

Defining who is responsible for actioning job changers in various scenarios will impact how the dashboards present data to your end users. 

  • By default these are set to just be record ownership based, but if you utilize custom user lookup fields for various ownership (maybe you have an SDR and CSM field), this can be very helpful

(4) Managers populated on User detail pages in Salesforce

For your sales leaders to make use of the “UserGems - Manager Dashboard,” we will want to ensure that any users that could inherit UG leads/contacts have a manager filled in on their user records in Salesforce. Managers will see their subordinates' data where they are the Directly Responsible Individual.

(5) Determine if you can utilize our 2 dynamic dashboards (IC and Manager dashboards)

Salesforce has hard limits on the number of dynamic dashboards that you can have in a particular org (allows the viewer to only see data relevant to themself).

  • Check out this article on how to determine which dynamic dashboards you are currently using. 

If you are at your limit on dynamic dashboards, a few options/thoughts below:

  • See if any are outdated and can be removed to make room
  • If you only have room for one dynamic dashboard, we would recommend utilizing the IC Dashboard
  • If either the IC or Manager dashboard are unusable due to these limits, we can also help you create custom/dynamic list views for the applicable users. 
  • You could potentially piggy back the top dashboard components from the IC dashboard onto an existing end user dashboard to consolidate if needed

See here for all things “permissions” as it relates to Salesforce dynamic dashboards

Configuring the Dashboards

(1) Grant report and dashboard folder access to any end users needing it (Read Only is fine)

Report Folder: “UserGems”

Dashboard Folder: “UserGems”

(2) "UG - Summary"

For opportunity attribution tiles (top 6), all opps are considered out of the box. Feel free to add filtering that may be relevant to your business 

  • Examples: exclude renewals or partner deals 

Review the dash component for “# of UGs that joined SMB/MM/Ent Accounts

  • You are welcome to edit the bucket column in this report to align with how your company segments accounts by employee count

Review the remaining components/source reports to see if any additional customizations could be needed for your use cases

(3) "UserGems - IC Dashboard" & "UserGems - Manager Dashboard"

Change the dashboards to be dynamic by clicking into the dashboard settings and change View Dashboard As to “The Dashboard Viewer”

  • Optionally select “Let dashboard viewers choose whom they view the dashboard as”

Do your users work Leads in Salesforce?

  • If no, you can remove all Lead-related dash components and resize the remaining tiles to fit

Review the remaining components/source reports to see if any additional customizations could be needed for your use cases

(4) How will users see the dashboards?

Think about having end users favorite relevant dashboards or even add to their home pages if/where applicable 

(5) Need help or have additional questions?

Please contact your CSM! We are happy to answer questions asynchronously or set up a screen share to review anytime. 

Additional FAQ

(1) How can we "View [a Dashboard] As" a specific/different DRI or DRI Manager?

Option 1: Login as one of the users, typically SFDC System Admins can do this

Option 2: Modify the Dashboard Properties to be able to "View As" a specific user

(2) What is the timing for DRIs getting set in Salesforce based on the web app configuration?

  • DRIs get updated nightly in customers' Salesforces.

Example Screenshots

UserGems - Summary

UserGems - Manager Dashboard

UserGems - IC Dashboard