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Signal: Contact Tracking
Signal: New Hires & Promotions

If your team utilizes Contact views for their workflows, it can be helpful to set them up with a few specific to UserGems. These views are great places for reps to see and action (sequence) important contacts. See below for some ideas and a simple example view you can configure. 

We recommend setting up a general view for your reps to see the UserGem job changers they own, but have not actioned yet:

My Uncontacted UserGems


  • Contact owner is any of “Me”
  • Last activity date is unknown
  • UG - Is a Past User = Yes


  • Name
  • Primary Company
  • Job Title
  • UG - Past Relationship Type
  • UG - Job Started Date
  • UG - Past Company
  • UG - Past Title

Using this view as a baseline, you could create additional views that your team may find valuable for their workflows. Some ideas:

  • A “High Priority Uncontacted UserGems” view where you add filters based on the UG - Past Relationship Type or if they are Persona Matching / matching ICP criteria
  • A “Stale UserGems” view where we see job changers with very few activities and the most recent was xx days/weeks ago
  • An admin view of “Unassigned UserGems”
  • Manager views of UserGems that are filtered for their team members

See UserGems property descriptions here

If you also track New Hire and Promotions signals with UserGems, you can also easily configure views for new / high priority joiners & promoters using the relevant UG - Lead Source value(s). 

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