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Signal: Contact Tracking

Outbound is getting harder and it’s harder to break through the noise than ever before. For this reason, UserGems, along with other leading Sales Engagement tools like Salesloft and Outreach, recommend at least 8+ touchpoints on each contact. 

Recommended Number of Activities

Recommended sequences are between 12-15 steps long across 60 days. This is to allow your Gem to settle into their new role, but make sure you’re still getting in ahead of your competition. 

For the most comprehensive way to check out your median activities, log into your UserGems Admin Dashboard and click on Analytics.

The number of activities can be seen on the right graph and be shown across individual types of Gems.

% Contacted (left), Number of Activities (right)

Why are my activities low?

It’s sometimes possible that Gems get stuck in a manual step within a sequence. You can view activities for each DRI within Analytics to see which reps might need a reminder to action their Gems in the sequence to get them to the next step.

Consider a fully automated sequence or cadence if there is a recurring theme of not getting to the 8+ activities on Gems.

For Sales teams to have the best access to all of their Gems with low activities, ensure your Usergems Salesforce Dashboards are configured and accessible for your team. Check out how to set those up here.

For any additional considerations or help configuring your Salesforce Dashboards or automating sequences, contact your Customer Success Manager.