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Signal: Contact Tracking

It’s sometimes possible that Gems will be disproportionately assigned to a queue or integration user. This leads to Gems not being actioned by Sales in a timely manner which causes teams to miss the window of opportunity with job changes.

The longer that Gems go unactioned, the less likely they are to convert into an opportunity. 

Routing Leads Using a Lead Routing Tool

If you currently use a Lead routing tool, make sure UserGems Leads are being converted (if needed) and routed to the correct rep. We recommend setting up this lead routing the same as a demo request. 

If you need any further instructions on the UserGems node in LeanData please check out this article.

Routing Leads Using UserGems

If you do not have a lead routing tool, it is possible to reassign the Gems via your CRM or through UserGems directly.

Within your UserGems Admin Dashboard, Gems can be reassigned within the Job Changes tab or by your Customer Success Manager.

First select Gems you’d like to reassign:

Job Changes tab within UserGems dashboard

Reassign to the DRI (described here), a specific user or a round robin:

Assign New Owner

Routing Leads via CRM

If you prefer to route this in your own Salesforce you can also reassign via your own CRM by searching for the owner of the records.