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Here at UserGems, we love LeanData! Not only do we use LeanData to route our own UserGems records, but we have a native integration to help you optimize your implementation as well. One great thing about having an already-implemented LeanData instance is that we can generally live on top of the routing logic you already have in place - saving additional time during onboarding. 

This article will provide some best practices, general guidance and helpful considerations for creating synergy between these two awesome tools. 

                                                           Example lead graph at bottom of article

Use cases for LeanData & UserGems job change tracking

  • Customizable account matching logic
  • Advanced ownership reassignment (including custom user lookup owner fields)
  • Dynamic campaign attribution (i.e. based on source report of the job change)
  • Pausing record automations for enrichment by other tools
  • Auto-conversion of leads into contacts/accounts/opportunities
  • Custom notifications related to job departures, past champion joiners, etc
  • Auto-sequencing with your sales engagement tool (i.e. Outreach, Salesloft, etc)

UserGems <--> LeanData integration

This integration is an optional feature that can make it even easier to add UserGems job changes into your existing LD workflows. On the Lead and Contact graphs, you can find two UserGems triggers available. The idea is to add these into your graphs and “point” them to where UserGems should specifically enter the automations. 

Check out LeanData’s great article on this integration

UserGems New Tracking - triggered upon creation of new lead or contact that was surfaced by UserGems (by default: “UG - Is a Past User” = TRUE)

This could trigger for a contact that is created from lead conversion if not filtered out

UserGems Updated Tracking - triggered on an update to an existing lead or contact at their new company if UserGems recognizes a job change event that you already have captured (by default: “UG - Is a Past User” = TRUE)

  • Example: John Smith moves from Pepsi to CocaCola and you already have a contact record for John at CocaCola. You could potentially auto-sequence or notify the owner if there is no activity on the contact. 

Best practices & considerations:

Most customers with LeanData will prefer that UserGems only surfaces new leads for job changes so that your existing account matching, assignment, and lead conversion automations can run as normal. Of course, if you have a different preference for record creation, we can support it

Consider other lookup user fields when assigning leads/contacts if applicable

  • I.e. do you have custom SDR or CSM fields on your accounts?

If adding notifications into LeanData for UserGems job changers, consider your volume and possibly add filters so that your reps receive messages for the highest priority job changers. 

Think about the types of accounts that these job changers are joining when determining who to assign new records to

Do you want to auto enroll new leads/contacts from UserGems into your sequencing tool? Check out our playbooks here! Some helpful fields to consider:

  • UG - Past Relationship Type = the source relationship/report where this person was being tracked
  • UG - Is Persona Matching = this job changer’s new title/seniority matching the key persona(s) you have defined in the UG web app
  • UG - Is Target Company = this job changer landed at a target account
  • Other helpful fields to reference could be the Past Account Type, current Account Type, UG - Is Open Opp Account, etc.
Example diagram of routing scenarios

Additional use cases (get creative!)

  • Notifications for new executive hires/promotions related to account tracking
  • Simply add a new branch into your “New Lead” and/or “New Contact” trigger nodes to initiate custom routing, notifications, etc. 
  • Auto-create tasks for your users when important leads/contacts are assigned to them

Example lead graph