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Signal: Contact Tracking

Tracking Summary

Your customers know you, like you, and want to work with you again and again. You’re in the right place with UserGems to capture this motion.

First things first, though: we need to make sure you are fully and appropriately tracking all of the right champions, users, admins, etc…

Tracking Strategy

The most critical foundation for success with Contact Tracking is to track the right contacts. The job change play works best when it captures the sentiment of ‘optimizing for love’ in who is tracked.

Here's a few questions to think about how you might think about this:

  • Does your sales process capture the full buying committee? Primary contact, economic buyer, champion, etc...?
  • Does your customer team indicate who their champions or key contacts are?
  • Do you have product admins? Power users? 
  • Do you have data on hours spent using the product? Number of log-ins?

All of these end points help to hone in on who your champions, key customers, and prospects are for tracking. If you do not have all or most of this data, our team can help to ideate for how we help you identify the right people to track.

Resources: Who should I track for job changes, Fit-purpose-messaging

Tracking Amounts

Once you’ve loaded your tracking lists, you should be pacing within 10% of purchased credits. This will be monitored throughout the partnership to make sure you are getting the full volume of leads and job changes purchased.

Routing Summary

Most outbound teams own the job change play but there are a few common use cases where an initial outbound team would not be responsible, especially when they join an Open Opp or Customer account. No matter the case, what is most important here is that the job changes identified and delivered assign to the appropriate person for action and activity.

Routing Strategy

The below image shows the three most common use cases for job changes considerations, but many teams have differences based on territories, verticals, etc... and our team will work with you to ensure the appropriate use cases have the the strategy in mind and enabled.

When appropriate account type reports are provided and rules of engagement established, less than 20% of leads should be with an integration / placeholder user (and those should be reassigned appropriately).

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