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UserGems Automations Overview

UserGems is more than just a provider for warm leads. It’s a system designed to help customers operationalize job changes.

In UserGems, the “job changes” section allows customers not only to view all job changes UserGems has detected, but enables them to create “filters” or groups of similar job changes based on field values on the new job change records that UserGems creates. You can think of filters in UserGems like creating a Salesforce contact/lead report, but for UserGems records only. 

These filters can then be used as the qualification criteria for triggering different automations. Simply put an automation looks like, if a job change matches the criteria and enters filter A → then automatically do X,Y, and Z.

UserGems has several default filters and corresponding automations customers can leverage, and each default filter directly aligns with one of the default playbooks on our website. This makes turning on and automating one or all of these playbooks a lot easier.

Not to mention, UserGems can even create the templated versions of the sequences/cadences associated with these playbooks directly in your Outreach or Salesloft with the click of the button!

UserGems Automation Options

  1. Send a notification in Slack (to person or channel) or via email 
  2. Auto-enroll in an Outreach or Salesloft sequence/cadence
  3. Set a field value in Salesforce
  4. We can even round robin or reassign UserGems records for you! 

There’s a lot to choose from, but not to worry, your UserGems CSM will help you determine which playbooks to use as well as configure any corresponding filters/automations.

For the sake of an example, let’s take a look at what the steps would be to automate our textbook default playbook: Past Champion > Joined ICP account. 

This playbook is meant for key customer contacts like closed won opp contacts or admins/power users that join a target or ICP account that isn’t a customer and doesn’t have an existing opp. 

UserGems recommends 1. Sending a notification and 2. Auto-enrolling into a sequence/cadence.

1. Push the templated sequence/cadence to Outreach/Salesloft and update messaging accordingly for this playbook

2. Review the default filter for this playbook in the job changes section 

3. Click the filter then click “see automations” 

4. Review and toggle on Slack and/or Email notification automations:

PS – You can send Slack notifications to a “DRI” or a channel

5. Review and optionally toggle on the set field value automation. Write the name of the playbook this contact falls into directly in the Salesforce field called UserGems Type.

6. Review the Auto-Enroll automation and plug in the correct sequence/cadence that was pushed then save and toggle on. You can auto-enroll as the contact owner, a specific user, or a specific user role ex: SDR Owner