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1. Summary

Connecting UserGems to Salesloft enables the following features:

  1. Automatically sync UserGems cadence templates with Salesloft;
  2. Enable engagement automations, such as adding your job changes to cadences when they match certain criteria;
  3.  Keep track of activities to your contacts;

2. Connect Salesloft

You can connect your UserGems account to Salesloft during signup, by tapping on Connect to Salesloft in this step:

If you skip this step during sign-up you can also go to  https://app.usergems.com/contact-tracking/settings#engagement at any moment to connect to Salesloft.

When you tap on Connect Salesloft, you will be prompted to sign in to Salesloft with your account credentials. Please sign-in to complete your connection.

3. Sync UserGems cadence templates with Salesloft 

After connecting your Salesloft account, you can sync UseGems recommended cadences to Salesloft, so you can automate UserGems playbooks based on job change signals and other criteria: 

4. Salesloft CRM Sync

Before activating automations in UserGems, please make sure you have enabled CRM Sync, to ensure your accounts, contacts and leads are automatically synced to Salesloft, so they can be added to cadences automatically. Please follow these guidelines to activate CRM Sync in Salesloft: https://help.salesloft.com/s/article/Manage-CRM-Sync?language=en_US 

How it works:

  1. UserGems detects a signal and automatically creates or updates a contact or lead in your CRM
  2. Salesloft looks for new records and updates to your contact/leads in your CRM, syncing them back to Salesloft

5. Enable Engagement Automations

After connecting Salesloft and enabling CRM Sync, you can set up automations to add your contacts/leads to the right cadences, using UserGems signals as criteria.

To do that, access the automations area in the sidebar:

In this example, we’re showing how to create an automation, using one of the default filters from UserGems - Past User > Joined target Account. After selecting the filter and the cadence to add (previously synced to Salesloft), whenever UserGems detects that one of your users changed their job and joined one of your target accounts, this contact or lead will be automatically added to the cadence Past User > Joined target Account.

You can then monitor your UserGems that were already added to a cadence:

Note: please reach out to your CSM to help you set up job change filters and automations.