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Signal: New Hires & Promotions

In this article we'll show how to automate UserGems using Workflows. These workflows allow admins to easily set up robust automations for the leads/contacts we deliver. They can take actions like:

  • Advanced/situational routing
  • Dynamic field updates
  • Email and/or Slack notifications
  • Auto-sequencing to Salesloft or Outreach (for other SEPs, you can simply leverage its integration with Salesforce for automation)

Step 1: Navigate to Account Tracking in the top left and then Workflows on the left hand rail

Step 2: Select 'Add workflow'

Step 3: Choose your objective

In this example, we are going to be setting up a workflow to generate pipeline.

Tap on any 'Coming Soon' signal for more info

Step 4: Choose your Signal

First, select the signal you'd like to activate. Then click continue.

In this example, we'll create a workflow for Past Champions.

Step 5: Select or Create a Playbook

Select Playbook: Choose a playbook that matches the selected objective and signal.

Create Custom Audience: Alternatively, create a custom audience at this stage instead of selecting a pre-built playbook.

Step 6: Selecting & Editing Audiences

Review Audience

View the selected audience and the number of detected prospects.

Edit Audience

Tap on Edit Audience: A window opens with a list of prospects matching the audience.

Modify Filters: Change the filters as needed.

Save Audience: Tap on "Save Audience" to save the changes.

Close Audience Window: Tap on "Close" to return to the workflow wizard.

Step 7: Determine which actions should take place in this workflow

*Make sure any action you'd like to occur is toggled to 'ON' in the top right.

**Delete any action not needed by clicking on the garbage can icon

Assign an owner to this contact

Update fields within Salesforce on Contacts, Leads or Accounts.

Add prospect to a sequence by selecting the sequence in Outreach or Salesloft and determining who should be the sequencer.

Sometimes the Account Owner is not the right person to do the outreach so it might make sense to sequence this as another owner field or as the DRI that was configured within your UserGems settings. See more on DRI configuration here

Set up Email or Slack notifications for the DRI or Account Owner so they are aware of their next steps.

Step 8: Determine how frequently this workflow should run

Navigate to 'Schedule' and select daily, monthly or weekly. Then select a time.

Step 9: Save your workflow and make sure it's activated

Advanced Filtering

What type of accounts is this workflow for?

Should this be limited to only looking at prospects that join a specific list of accounts? If so, define that here.

Select which persona this workflow should apply to. For more about Persona configuration, check out this article here.

If you're building a workflow that depends on this prospect having an email address present upon execution, such as adding to a sequence with email steps, set the "Current Email" field to "is not empty".

Select a job start date for prospects you'd like to be actioned.

Determine if this workflow is for prospects with a past relationship with your company. If this is for new hires that do not know you yet, leave this blank.

Select seniority and departments if applicable.

If there are any activity restrictions on this workflow determine that here.

For example, if you do not want to sequence someone who has a recent last activity you can set that parameter here.

If this workflow is for contacts assigned to a particular user, determine that here. Otherwise, leave DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) blank.

Testing Workflows

To test your workflow before activating, you're able to run each workflow for a few records.

Select "Run Workflow" under the Operations section on the rightmost column next to the workflow you'd like to test.

Under 'Send Settings' select the checkbox 'Limit' and then write in how many prospects you'd like to test with.

Recommendation: we recommend starting with 5 prospects

Advanced Testing

To run the workflow with a different user, like an Admin instead of a Sales rep, select 'Override owner' and then enter the email you'd like to test with.

Reminder: if you override the owner to test with a non-sales rep, you will need to remember to remove this prospect from the sequence and assign back to the right rep (depending on what actions are present in your workflow).

In order for testing into a sequence to be successful, the owner you are testing with must have an active license to use the SEP you're using or the workflow with fail due to not finding the user in your SEP.

If you have any questions about setting up workflows, please contact your Customer Success Manager.