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Signal: Contact Tracking

UserGems x Outreach Configuration

Purpose: Configuring Outreach for UserGems has two important benefits:

  1. It allows UserGems to push templated sequences directly to your Outreach so you don’t need to build messaging from scratch
  2. It allows, if preferred, for UserGems to automatically add job change records directly to the right sequence


1. Connect Admin Outreach User

this will give UseGems the API access we need to create sequences and add records to sequences

2. Map ‘UG - Past Company’

pull in the contact’s past company to Outreach  automatically 

  • Within Outreach, go to your initials or picture in the bottom left of the Outreach homepage -> click “system admin” → click “prospects’ -> under “general” add a customer field called “UG - Past Company” → save

3. Ensure Salesforce & Outreach Sync is Configured

this ensures UserGems contacts/leads will be synced to Outreach

  • Click “Systems admin” ->click “CRM” → ensure leads and/or contacts (depending which you’re using) are syncing at least from Salesforce into Outreach, if not both ways
    • Check Sync Frequency & make sure it’s polling automatically every 5-10 minutes
  • Scroll down to “Set sync conditions”
    • Review under which conditions a prospect is created in Outreach - preferably none
  • Click on "Advanced Settings" and make sure that you are syncing messages sent via Outreach outside Salesforce
  • If you’re creating contacts, click on the contact row (as shown) above, if leads click the leads row (if both you’ll need to do the following actions for both) -> select “Add Mapping” (the new field to map will appear at the bottom of the configuration table) 
  • Click “select  Salesforce field” → search and select “UG - Past Company” → select the checkbox to the right of where it currently says “not syncing” in order to enable syncing this field to Outreach -> Click “select Outreach field” search and select  “UG  - Past Company”. The final setting should look like this:
  • If it does, hit save!

4. Add the custom variable “UG - Past Company” to your UserGems sequences

→ this way reps don’t need to manually find the past company and type it in

  • Search your UserGems sequence (you may need to clear filters to see them)→ for each email step, click in and see if there are any prompts {{! replace with customer variable past company}} →delete → click the add “{} Variables” button → search and select “UG - Past Company”
  •  Repeat for all UserGems sequences/emails. If this is done correctly, the final product for all of these prompts should be look something like the below.
Outreach will return the number of the custom field mapping you created, so if it says something like {{custom4}} that’s ok! Just make sure to preview the content before turning this on!

5. Activate your sequences!

→ after adding the custom UserGems variable and making any additional (optional) customizations to your sequences, you're ready to activate them!

  • In every UserGems sequence, toggle each individual step to Active > click Activate at the bottom of the page.

Note  simply clicking "Activate" will not turn on the sequences - each step needs to be switched to Active as well.


  • If a record is missing in Outreach, do the following to debug:
      • CRM -> Contact (or lead)
      • Click test sync (top right) & select the record that should be synced -> Import
      • Example related issues we’ve seen:
        • A company created a UserGems specific “Lead Status” in Salesforce but in the sync between “Lead status” (SFDC) & Stage (Outreach) it hadn’t checked on the “Create” permission. Therefore Outreach tried to create a UserGems record with Lead Status UserGems but failed since Stage UserGems didn’t exist and it couldn’t create it. (CRM -> Lead status)