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Signal: Contact Tracking

All Gems are not created equal and therefore we recommend different activity benchmarks for each. 

Monitor Outreach Rates

High priority Gems [past buyer joins a target account] outreach should be close to 100%

All other Gems should have 50% activity based on what type of company they join.

Tip: even if a Gem’s new title is not a buyer title, add them to a low touch automated influencer sequence.

For the most comprehensive way to check out your outreach rates log into your UserGems Admin Dashboard and click on Analytics.

Outreach rate (left), Activities on Gems (right)

Low Outreach Rate Suggestions

If your outreach rate is lower than the recommended benchmarks consider automatically adding Gems to the correct sequence or cadence to take this step off of Sales’ plate. In this scenario, Sales will just need to quickly verify or add any other personalization. 

To ensure that your Gems are getting the best possible outreach, we recommend automating the first step of this sequence to match our playbook here.

To see more information about automating Gems into sequences check out this article. 

Consider quarterly UserGems enablement sessions to establish SLAs and re-train your team on how to action their Gems. You can view outreach rates for each DRI within Analytics to see which reps might need extra coaching.

For Sales teams to have the best access to all of their uncontacted Gems, ensure your UserGems Salesforce Dashboards are configured and accessible for your team.

Check out how to set up UserGems Salesforce Dashboards here.

For any additional considerations or help configuring your Salesforce Dashboards or Automations, contact your Customer Success Manager.