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While not necessary as a UserGems implementation is low-risk and will always be tested first, we do offer a sandbox implementation option for our Enterprise customers. 


  • We have a sandbox Salesforce Managed Package, and support both the sandbox and production environments being connected to a single UserGems instance for testing purposes. Please note there is no UserGems Sandbox instance.
  • Any job changes that are sent to a sandbox environment will be re-queued and automatically sent to production in the first batch of job changes we send.
  • Tracking reports typically come from a production Salesforce, so we can only push example job changes to a sandbox to validate these records are getting created properly. We do not pull input reports from SFDC sandboxes. For this reason, we highly recommend using a full-copy sandbox environment. 

Sandbox Implementation Steps:

  1. Install the sandbox UserGems Managed Package into your sandbox SFDC environment via this sandbox-specific link: www.usergems.com/sfdcsandbox
  2. Log into your SFDC sandbox integration user account, and then sign up for UserGems via sandbox-specific link provided by your Implementation Manager. This will direct you to a page where you will click "Sign up with Salesforce", which will connect your SFDC sandbox to your UserGems account.
  3. Work with your Implementation Manager to configure your UserGems Salesforce settings, dynamic page layouts, and Lead conversion settings (if applicable). 
  4. Your Implementation Manager will send 5-10 test job changes to your Salesforce sandbox to review with you. 

Moving from Sandbox to Production: 

  1. After verifying the UserGems integration is working as expected, please install the UserGems Managed Package into your production SFDC environment via this link: https://usergems.com/sfdcapp
  2. Log into your SFDC production integration user account, and connect the account to UserGems by clicking your UserGems signup URL link (provided by your Implementation Manager).
  3. Ensure the integration user has the permissions outlined in this article. Please note this will connect to the same UserGems account used for sandbox testing as we do not have separate UserGems sandbox instances.
  4. Use a change set or reconfigure your production SFDC environment to mirror the set up tested in the sandbox.

This change set or reconfiguration may include:

  1. Custom fields created for the UserGems integration (outside of those included in the managed package). 
  2. Dynamic page layouts
  3. Lead Conversion Mappings 
  4. Campaign IDs (will differ from sandbox to production). 
  5. Related Lists
  6. User Permissions

Your Implementation Manager will send another 5-10 test job changes to your Salesforce production to review with you. When all looks good, you're ready to go live with your first batch of job changes!