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Signal: Contact Tracking

When UserGems delivers job changes to your Salesforce, it’s important to consider what information you want to expose to your sales team on your different page layouts. 

Lead and Contact Layouts (Salesforce Lightning):

For customers using Salesforce Lightning, we recommend adding dynamic lightning components to house UserGems information that will only show up on the layout if it’s a job change Lead/Contact.

With dynamic components, you can show additional detail about the past relationship on the new record (and conversely show additional detail about the new job on the Past Contact). You can also apply basic visibility filters so that these components only show on the page if a job change has been detected (no wasted page real estate). 


Lead and Contact Layouts (Salesforce Classic):

Customers on Salesforce Classic generally add a new UserGems section to their Lead and/or Contact layouts. Lightning customers who don't want to setup the Dynamic Lightning Component above might also choose this option.

Instructions: Salesforce Contact Layout Suggested Fields

Account Layout Options:

Most UserGems customers add a new related list for the “UserGems” related records to their Account layout. This list shows any UserGems related to the Account where there was a previous relationship with your company at their previous job. This low hanging fruit --- typically the warmest in the Account --- and can be a great place for new owners of an Account to start with prospecting. It's especially useful for highlighting a warm path into larger company Accounts.