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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Days Until First Activity

What is it?

The days until first activity grade is based on the median number of days elapsed from when a UserGem is created to when someone is reaching out (first activity date) for job changes surfaced within the last 3 months. We focus on the last 3 months to ensure this important metric isn't too heavily skewed by early adoption levels.

Why it's important

Importance Level: High 🟠

A larger median days until first activity means that it is taking a long time for job change leads/contacts to be reached out to. It’s highly important to reach out to job changers as soon as possible because data shows that being the first to contact someone in a new role increases your chances of winning their business by 74%.

How it’s scored

How to improve

  1. We highly encourage leveraging automations to auto-enroll UserGems into sequences that have a manual first step. UserGems has functionality to do this for you with Outreach or Salesloft sequences/cadences via our integrations.
  2. Send a reminder every “UserGems Batch Day” to the team to go work their UserGems leads/contacts.
  3. Organize a UserGems block/call blitz on "UserGems Batch Day".