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Signal: Contact Tracking

Scorecard: Engagement Rate

What is it?

The engagement rate grade is based on the total percentage of UserGems job changes sent that have been contacted (have a last activity in Salesforce) over the last 3 months. We focus on the last 3 months to ensure this critical metric isn't too heavily skewed by early adoption levels.

What it's important

Importance level: Critical 🚨

The percent of UserGems contacted, or engagement rate, is the clearest indication of initial adoption of UserGems leads/contacts. While it’s not expected that 100% of UserGems get contacted (Ex: they joined non ICP account or a competitor) our best customers typically reach out to at least 50% of the leads/contacts they receive. It is absolutely imperative that this metric reach benchmark levels (B or better) in order to get the most out of this program.

How it’s scored

How to improve

  1. We highly encourage leveraging automations to auto-enroll UserGems into sequences that have a manual first step. UserGems has functionality to do this for you with Outreach or Salesloft sequences/cadences via our integrations.
  2. Investigate for routing issues (see Routing & Assignment Grade section). If UserGems aren't being assigned, they won't get contacted.
  3. Ask your CSM for a list of uncontacted UserGems to see where job changes may be slipping through the cracks.
  4. Re-set expectations with your team to ensure they’re not being too selective on job changes. For UserGems, non-buyer titles can still be highly valuable introductions. Any job change lead is much warmer than a cold outreach.